Mónica Roma Wilson

International Lawyer

Mónica Roma Wilson is an international lawyer, experienced in decoding geopolitical trends, at the intersection between law, policy and strategy.  She has lived and worked in Lisbon, Brussels, London, Islamabad, Beijing, New York, The Hague and Brasilia where she has provided counsel at board level in the private sector and at Cabinet Minister level in the public sector.  This includes the financial sector, international organisations, government advisory services, inter alia.

Mónica has advised businesses in Brazil about the impact and implications of its accession process to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), across multiple sectors. More widely, she has provided counsel on class actions in Latin America, on sovereign assets and on sanctions legislation in Europe.

Having started in private practice in Lisbon specialising in constitutional and administrative law, she moved to the Attorney General’s Office, to represent Portugal negotiating European legislation and international instruments at the UN, OECD, the Council of Europe, and the European Union.

Mónica is bilingual in English and Portuguese, speaks fluent Spanish and French, and has simple Mandarin. She combines these skills with her strong technical knowledge making her highly adaptable and sensitive to cultural context for governments and businesses from different political and legal traditions. Mónica's ease in operating within different geopolitical contexts, from her direct experience of living and working in four continents, gives her rare ability to frame advice in this rapidly changing global environment.

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Portugal: Nov. 1993; Brazil: Dec. 2021


020 7489 2727

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