Nick Worsley KC

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Nick defends and prosecutes all areas of criminal law with particular experience in violent and sexual offences; drugs, fraud and money laundering. He also practises from St. Paul's Chambers, Leeds.

Background and Expertise

He has represented police officers, medical staff and members of the armed forces in criminal proceedings, misconduct cases and disciplinary hearings.

Nick has considerable experience in cases involving children – whether as defendants or witnesses.

He has completed training in The Hague as one of panel of co-counsel for the defence to the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

Reported cases

R. v Bogdal [2008] EWCA Crim 1

Definition of ‘public place’

R. v K (John) [2007] EWCA Crim 1339

Trials in absence,amendment of indictment, scope of cross-examination

R. v Kumar [2004] EWCA Crim 3207

Genuine belief in age

Financial Crime

R v DK

Defence - Fraud at flagship academy school

R v FH

Defence - £170million "vishing" fraud

R v AH

Complex mortgage fraud and tax evasion

R v D

Prosecution - £multi-million duty evasion


R v K

Defence - misconduct and appropriation of charity assets by assistant executive director

R v M

Defence - misconduct in public office. UKBA employee using computer database for improper purpose

R v JH

Defence - Police Officer charged with misconduct involving theft, drugs and sexual predation

R v K

Defendant charged with abuse of nursing home resident with dementia

Serious Crime

R v MU

Defence - manslaughter and attempting to pervert the course of justice


Defence - Murder (shooting)

R v SH

Defence - people trafficking by solicitors

R v EA and others

Prosecution - high value international drug smuggling

Sexual Offences

Operation Kegg

Defence - grooming, trafficking and rape

R v F

Defence - prosecution for sexual offences where the complainant refused to give evidence

R v B

Prosecution - historic sexual offences committed by an international pianist against young boys

R v D

Defence - stranger rape of a student involving drunken consent/behaviour of the complainant

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MA (Law), Trinity College, Cambridge


Middle Temple

North Eastern Circuit

North Eastern Circuit Education Committee

Elected Member of the Bar Council

Bar Council's Remuneration Committee

Criminal Bar Association



CPS Panel (Grade 4)


CPS Fraud Panel (Grade 4)

CPS POCA Panel (Grade 4)

CPS Serious Crime Panel (Grade 4)

Attorney General's "B" list of advocates

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