Mediation is a highly effective way of resolving disputes. It is a forward-focused process aimed at finding common ground and positive outcomes. It provides an opportunity for the participants to be heard and empowers individuals to resolve their own conflicts, without the involvement of the courts.

The 'win-lose' outcome of litigation can be avoided in a mediation process, with settlements that are mutually satisfactory to all participants, saving time, energy and money. The process is consensual and it is the participants who decide whether an agreement can be reached and the terms of that agreement, which is capable of being legally enforceable in a court of law. Any participant may withdraw from the mediation at any stage.

Counsel at 9BR Chambers can be instructed to act as a mediator in civil and commercial disputes, community mediations, workplace mediations and in pre/post conflict situations.

The process of mediation is flexible and focuses on the needs and interests of the individuals who can mediate as soon as they are ready to talk about a resolution of their dispute.  What takes place during a mediation is confidential and cannot be used outside the process in any subsequent legal proceedings. Mediation can take place with, without or before the involvement of lawyers and before the issuance of any legal proceedings, or as directed by a court. There are no set rules as to where a mediation can take place. Usually, the process is held at a location agreed by the participants.

Mediators can be instructed by contacting the clerks and conference rooms at the Chambers of 9BR are available to host mediations by arrangement. If you are unsure whether or not a dispute can be mediated, please do get in touch.

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