Joey Kwong defends Attorney-General’s Reference at Court of Appeal

22 November 2023

Mr Walker was convicted after trial of a Conspiracy to Perverting Course of Public Justice, where Mr Walker was found to have attempted to corrupt a juror of a trial  relating to multi-kilogram class A and class B drug supply and possession of a prohibited weapon.

The Attorney-General referred Mr Walker’s sentence of 8 months’ imprisonment to the Court of Appeal for undue leniency. The reference referred to two authorities whereby sentences of 12 years’ imprisonment and 22 years’ imprisonment were upheld. The Attorney-General submitted that Mr Walker’s sentence “should have been significantly longer than they were”.

As Mr Walker represented himself at sentence, the Registrar’s officer instructed Joey to represent his interest at the Court of Appeal.

Joey Kwong lodged written submissions and counter authorities towards the lower end of the scale of sentences.

The Court of Appeal agreed that the sentence, whilst lenient, was not unduly lenient, and the reference was dismissed. 

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