No Returns Statement

08 April 2022

Individual members of 9BR Chambers have made the decision, that as of Monday 11th April 2022 they will adopt a ‘No Returns’ policy in relation to AGFS cases.

Members of Chambers will continue to attend the hearings in which they are instructed but they will not conduct cases that are returned to them because the instructed barrister is unavailable.

Chambers will seek to anticipate in advance where problems might arise and to ask the court to move hearings for the convenience of the instructed barrister. However, if the court refuses to move the hearing, then no barrister will appear at that hearing.

Chambers will also endeavour to keep solicitors fully informed of the position. If you have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our clerking team:

Martin Secrett - Chambers Director - 020 7489 2701 -

Paul Outen - Senior Clerk - 020 7489 2802 -

Russell Good - 020 7489 2804 -

Jordan Haisman - 020 7489 2807 -