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Andrew Bousfield is a detailed and forensic criminal practitioner, who will leave no stone unturned. He draws on his background as an investigative journalist in assessing and collecting evidence, acting both for the prosecution and defence.

Andrew has also acted in many whistleblowing cases, and has an expertise in this area of employment law.

Background and expertise

Andrew Bousfield takes on instructions in all serious crime matters.

Andrew also has a developing practice in corporate investigations.  Andrew also has  a practice in the proceeds of crime. He is appointed onto the editorial board of Mitchell, Taylor and Talbot, “Confiscation and Proceeds of Crime”, loose-leaf, responsible for case updates in all areas of confiscation law.

He also has a practice in regulatory law (defending professionals in the NMC and HCPC) and has had some notable results.

In crime, Andrew often takes on cases with complex psychiatric evidence.  Andrew has undertaken further education courses in Abnormal Psychology and Personality Psychology at Oxford University, with a dissertation on the use of the personality disorder diagnosis in the criminal justice system.  Andrew uses this knowledge to assess witnesses and assist Defendants where possible.

Andrew has undertaken secondments with CPS London South advising on complicated charging decisions involving high profile figures, CPS Proceeds Of Crime team on a security cleared basis, and HMRC Economic Crime and Illicit Finance Team advising on long term HMRC investigations.

For many years, Andrew acted as a media lawyer for several newspapers (The Sun, The Mirror, The Sunday Mirror, The Independent) dealing with privacy injunctions, defamation and contempt issues.

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R v. SG (2023)

Historic sexual abuse committed whilst babysitting friends’ daughters.

R v. MG (2022)

Encrochat cocaine dealing case involving 30kg of cocaine, and complicated attribution evidence.  Acting for the driver.

R v. RA (2022)

Defence of allegations of rape. Defendant had a traumatic childhood and a diagnosis of autism and ADHD and was 15 at the time of the offence.

R v. SG (2022)

Defence of allegations of sexual activity with a child.  The matter involved several psychiatric reports, multiple diagnoses of inter alia autism and personality disorder, by psychiatrists and psychologist, and the relevant primary diagnosis.

R v. L et al (2022)

Led junior in prosecution of Lithuanian car ring involved in using signal boosters for car theft and chop shops to sell the parts.  Conspiracy of over £1million.

R v. HK (2021)

Successful modern slavery defence in front of a jury for drug offences. Psychiatric report and autism diagnosis adduced in evidence as to compulsion.

R v. L et al (2021)

Led junior in Flying Squad prosecution of an armed robbery on a jewellery shop in Dagenham.

R v. LP (2020)

Defence of a 15 year old boy with learning difficulties charged with stabbing his grandmother who required an intermediary. Complicated psychiatric evidence with three consultant forensic psychiatrists giving evidence on “dissociative episodes”.

R v. Jonty Bravery (2020)

Offences committed in Broadmoor, complicated psychiatric evidence on the interplay between autism and personality disorder.

R v. WO (2020)

Successful defence of an alleged gang member involved in an acid attack on another gang member in traffic.

R v. AM (2019)

Successful defence of a young woman who admitted handling a handgun for local drug dealers. Exceptional circumstances accepted by the Judge, based on a complicated mental health picture with expert evidence and a sentence of two years suspended.


GMC v. Dr AK (2021)

Successful defence of consultant respiratory physician in 15 day trial.  No breach of GMP found by the GMC, and a two days costs hearing as to whether proceedings by the GMC were unreasonable.


Successful representation of a midwife with all interim orders removed in the politically sensitive area of Female Genital Mutilation with considerable media interest.


Securing a substantial settlement for a Finance Director of an African renewable energy company, who had whistleblown on suspicious offshore transactions.

Securing a substantial settlement for an FX trader against a multinational bank, in proceedings linked to a whistleblowing claim and with allegations of positive discrimination in recruitment and involving FCA functions.

Representing an FX trader on a whistleblowing allegation of missing funds and bribery on the Hong Kong desk. With Stephen Harvey QC on the criminal law and bribery element.

Representing a Council director-level social worker who had made protected disclosures about a Council Scrutiny Officer who was grooming young children online and on the sexual exploitation of young girls. Application by the Council to have the trial held in private. The BBC were represented, and Andrew Bousfield represented the Claimant in a three week trial.

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Representing a consultant surgeon who submitted 14 serious incident reports, 8 of which led to serious untoward incident reports and apologies to patients. He was then dismissed.

Representing an NHS Finance Director who made protected disclosures on “white elephant” procurement contracts within the NHS. After eight preliminary hearings, and an appeal by the Trust to the Employment Appeal Tribunal.

Representing a school teacher, on appeal to Employment Appeal Tribunal, who disclosed failures in the exam system at Wyndonham College. Reported in the Telegraph.

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Represented a military GP, with alleged protected disclosures on opiate medication going missing on base in the UK. Multi week whistleblowing trial against Ministry of Defence. Led by John Hendy QC. Reported in the Mail and Telegraph.

Represented a University Professor of Physics who alleged she had made protected disclosures on grade inflation, student evaluation scores (SOLE scores) being used to “dumb down” the teaching of physics and repeating the same questions with strong hints each year. Expert evidence from the previous Chair of Physics at Cambridge University.

Assisted a Professor of Psychiatry who brought a claim in whistleblowing and disability discrimination and won at trial.

Dr Hayley Dare v. Broadmoor (West London Mental Health Trust). Andrew represented Dr Dare, the Clinical Director for Women’s Forensic Services at Broadmoor, in a one week trial for whistleblowing detriments.


Defence Solicitor, “Andrew interacts very effectively and respectfully with the judiciary who clearly respect him. With regard to juries and witnesses the applicant has a very pleasing and persuasive manner. He appears to be well liked by all lay people in the court system.” (2022)
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University College London, LLM, 2004

ICSL, 2003

Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge, 2002


Criminal Bar Association

South Eastern Circuit

Employment Lawyers Association


CPS Panel (Grade 3)

CPS Proceeds of Crime Panel (Grade 3)

Accredited to deal with vulnerable witnesses

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