The clerks’ room at 9BR Chambers is friendly, approachable and dedicated to providing a high quality of service to all those who instruct. They are familiar with all of Chambers practice areas, methods of instruction and fee structures, and are ready to assist with finding the right barrister for the right case.

All staff have successfully undergone certified GDPR training.

Chambers UK

"The clerks go beyond what would be expected and everything is undertaken with courtesy and in a timely fashion. It would be difficult to find a better clerks room." (2024)
"Jordan Haisman, clerk, is really helpful and Martin Secrett, chambers director, is always available to call - he's always approachable and goes out of his way to help you." (2024)
"Chambers Director Martin Secrett is "helpful, approachable and someone who does his very best to accommodate clients' needs." (2024)
"The clerks provide an excellent service and really understand the needs of the instructing solicitor." (2023)
"The set has a really polished clerking system, of which Martin Secrett and Paul Outen take the helm. They are available, friendly, efficient and professional clerks who give useful suggestions." (2022)
"Chambers director Martin Secrett runs a smooth and very professional operation, and leads a team of clerks who are all very friendly and approachable." "Senior clerk Paul Outen and first junior clerk Russell Good are always available and accessible. They provide an excellent service." "Jordan Haisman and Max Bradley provide excellent backup to the more senior clerks, and make visitors to chambers feel at ease." (2021)
"The clerks are communicative and nothing is too much trouble for them. If a problem arises, the chances are they have dealt with it perfectly before you even know about it.” “Their clerks are very efficient, especially senior clerk Paul Outen.” Chambers director Martin Secrett leads the clerking team.(2020).

Legal 500

‘Martin Secrett is excellent, always accommodating and trying to assist with getting the correct barrister for the case.’ (2024)
‘Martin Secrett and Russell Good are fantastic. Adrian Chapman brings additional strength to the team.’ (2024)
‘9 Bedford Row is a strong set with a number of leading female barristers.’ (2024)
‘An excellent set with a long-standing reputation for quality.’ (2024)
‘A thriving set with a lot of first rate counsel.’ (2024)
‘The clerks are impossible to fault. No request is too much and they make life as a litigator so much easier. They are beyond reproach.’(2024)
‘An excellent clerks’ room.’ (2024)
‘The clerks have experience in this unique market and know how to provide a service to its international clients. Martin Secrett is recommended.’ .... ‘The clerks room is very good and Martin Secrett leads a professional and well-disposed team who are unfailingly helpful.’ (2022)
"Brilliant at all levels. From the most senior director Martin Secrett to the most junior clerk, they have a real sense of the need to provide a professional service. They listen when they are asked for guidance on available personnel and are genuinely keen to know your views on the performance of members of chambers. If they cannot help, they are great at signposting to alternative sets. A thoroughly modern approach to business but with the old fashioned values of service to their users". (2021)
The ‘great’ service provided by the set’s clerking team is thanks to senior clerk Paul Outen’s leadership. ‘Paul is always willing to accommodate our needs and takes time to understand the nature of requests and act accordingly.’ Communication between the clerks and clients is ‘consistent and friendly’. Russell Good is the first junior clerk and Martin Secrett is chambers director. (2020).