John King


Delivering consistent results over thirty odd years, John represents and assists clients in both civil and criminal matters.

Background and Expertise

Numerous testimonials attest to his unrivalled legal and procedural insights and meticulous preparation. John himself credits his success as an advocate to ‘putting the client and their interests first’ as well as being ‘scrupulously factual and realistic’ about the actual strength of the cases brought before him.

His approach in securing the best possible outcome for his clients relies on his ability to accurately formulate the spectrum of likely judicial outcomes. The latter are then used to devise an effective negotiation and advocacy strategy.

Having successfully handled a large number of high-profile and high-value cases, John believes in treating each case, irrespective of its size, with the same forensic precision and painstakingly gathered and expertly analysed detail.

He is one of a small minority of advocates to have taken cases through the entire court system of England as well as the European court structures.

John has recently become a member of the Worshipful Company of Arbitrators. He specialises in Sports Arbitration, cross border trade disputes and alleged breaches of contract in the financial/asset management sectors.

Notable cases

R v N, 2017

A large scale money laundering case in which 6 defendants stood trial. The allegation was  the money fraudulently obtained from vulnerable victims in the USA was laundered through a complex web of company bank accounts in the UK.  The defendant was acquitted by the jury. Central Criminal Court

R v IA, 2015–16
Successful appeal to the ECHR of one of the most complex terrorism defence cases of the last ten years, the 21/7 London bomb plot. The Grand Chamber of the ECHR found there had been a breach of Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights. John acted with Anne Faul as his junior throughout.
R v C, 2016
John defended a high-profile allegation concerning the misuse of computers. Non-custodial sentence, following a plea on a limited basis. Lewes Crown Court.

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Criminal defence

R v PS (ongoing)

Lengthy confiscation matters following the imposition of a confiscation Order in 2016. The Defendant faced custody for his failure to make payments in accordance with a confiscation order. Custody successfully resisted and amount adjusted following a successful assertion of the Defendant’s wife’s interest in two properties.

R v M (ongoing)

Allegation of an attack on the police that raises significant  disclosure issues. Aylesbury Crown Court.

R v JH, 2019

Insurance fraud investigated by the City of London Police following a complaint by the NFU. This was a complex case involving expert veterinary evidence in relation to the pre-condition of a show jumping horse. Following a guilty plea the Defendant received a non-custodial sentence. Lewes Crown Court.


A building company was given a fine of £260,000 in the Chelmsford Magistrates Court following numerous breaches of heath and safety regulations on a building site. Following a full hearing on Appeal and  submissions by Mr King the fine was reduced to £40,000. Chelmsford Crown Court.

R v SA, 2019

The Defendant faced a number of Counts of VAT fraud as a result of failure to pay the correct amount of VAT  over a number of years in relation to her restaurant business. Following negotiations to reduce the level of the alleged fraud and a basis of plea the Defendant was spared custody even though custody threshold was passed. Grimsby Crown Court.

R v PC, 2018

John represented the Defendant in a case of serious historic case of sexual abuse on a child  by a person in a position of authority. A basis of plea was eventually agreed that significantly  reduced the potential sentence.

R v S, 2018

This case involved large scale importation of counterfeit goods from China and was prosecuted by Southwark Trading Standards Services in which the Defendant pleaded guilty. Confiscation proceedings were then brought that threatened the closure of the Defendant’s business and the wiping out of his assets. John managed to negotiate a arrangement whereby the Defendant was able to retain his business and gradually paid off the debt.

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Civil cases

FK v EM and MN, (ongoing)

Having failed to succeed in a criminal prosecution against the Defendants for an allegation of modern slavery the Claimant has brought a civil action against a husband and wife who are represented by John.

MDM and CEM, (ongoing)

John represents the wife in a high net worth divorce case where agreement about cannot be reached as to the division of assets and the court is being requested to make a financial Order.

B and B, (ongoing)

Grandparent access to grandchildren challenged.

LBB and DBB, 2019

An application by a grandparent for greater access to her grandchildren and costs in relation to previous hearings were resisted.

P v M (Family Case), 2019

John represented the Defendant husband and successfully resisted an application for a non-molestation order and an occupation order following a full hearing. The circumstances where that the Claimant wife had left the family home with the children and sought to have him removed so that she and the children could be reinstated.

J.C and H.T, 2018

John successfully negotiated and drafted a Merchandise Licence Agreement on behalf of Jean Curran, an up and coming Artist. The Agreement was with the Hitchcock Trust and included gaining access to the original Technicolor film reels of the film ‘Vertigo’ for the purposes of creating unique dye transfer prints.

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Other Activities and Interests

  • John takes in an interest is the political, legal and economic consequences of Brexit – and is a member of the Great Repeal Bill Observatory – a group established by Dr Dimitrios Giannoulopoulos, to act as a channel of communication with Europe in the course of Brexit negotiations
  • He also plays golf; he is a member of Gray’s Inn Golfing Society and The Bar Golfing Society
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