Jonathan Akinsanya


Jonathan is a defence specialist who is dual-qualified in England & Wales and Nigeria – making him suited to criminal matters with an international dimension, including cases of corruption or fraud.


In England and Wales, Jonathan has experience defending a wide range of criminal matters – from fraud, corruption and money laundering to murder and common assaults.

His second qualification in Nigeria makes him suitable for joining large fraud or corruption cases with an international angle – involving, for example, asset recovery or restraint of assets.

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R v OD, 2019

Acted for the 21 year old defendant as Junior Counsel who was charged with unlawful act manslaughter. The case received a lot of publicity in the media and was described by the trial judge as an ‘extraordinary case’. Full story here. Southwark Crown Court.

R v HJ, 2006

Acted for this young defendant, as Junior Counsel, charged with the murder of Damilola Taylor. The case received substantial national and international publicity. The defendant was acquitted of Murder, manslaughter and assault with intent to rob. Central Criminal Court

R v DB, 2006

Acted for young defendant as Junior Counsel charged with murder of a woman attending a christening of a child. The case received substantial national publicity at the time. Defendant was acquitted of murder.

International Fraud

R v JI, 2011-2012

Junior Counsel representing the former Governor of Delta State having been extradited from UAE on charges of conspiracy to defraud Delta State and laundering substantial amounts of money. Southwark Crown Court.

R v AP, 2008-2010

Successfully defended the defendant as Junior Counsel. The case involved an allegation of laundering substantial amounts of money for and on behalf of the former Governor of Delta State in Nigeria. The case was extremely complex and involved a number of interlocutory appeals to the Court of Appeal during the course of the proceedings. Southwark Crown Court.

Fraud/Proceeds of Crime

R v SA, 2018

Represented the defendant charged with offences of fraud and engaging in misleading commercial practices. It was alleged that the defendant had extracted, through fraudulent means, £120,000 worth of payments from the victim. Croydon Crown Court.

R v CA, 2018

Defended in a multi handed proceeds of crime case. Southwark Crown Court

R v CD, 2016

Successfully represented the principal defendant in a case in which she was said to have bullied and intimidated a vulnerable complainant into ordering items from catalogues with no intention of paying him for them. Woolwich Crown Court.

R v VM, 2015

Defended a defendant charged in what was a large conspiracy to receive stolen goods, namely stolen car parts. Snaresbrook Crown Court.

R v AA, 2010

Junior counsel acting for a solicitor who was charged with offences including conspiring to facilitate the breach of immigration law and conspiring to have possession or control of articles for the use in fraud. Croydon Crown Court.

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Sexual Offences

R v MM, 2017

Defendant charged with 6 counts of sexual assaults (varying degrees of seriousness) of a 15 year old girl and a further charge of raping an 18 year old girl. Defendant acquitted of the more serious allegations of sexual assault and jury undecided on the allegation of rape – defendant acquitted of rape at a re-trial. Birmingham Crown Court.

R v JM, 2015

Successfully defended a taxi driver charged with two counts of anal rape of a 12 year old. The case was a very difficult case and involved the cross examination of five young and vulnerable prosecution witnesses. Croydon Crown Court.

R v JO, 2014

Successfully defended a young defendant in an allegation of gang rape. It was alleged that the defendant and three others had taken a young girl back to the flat of a co-accused and gang raped her. Inner London Crown Court.

R v AO, 2013

Successfully defended defendant charged with 11 counts of historical sexual abuse against 4 girls. Woolwich Crown Court.

R v LH, 2010

Successfully defended a young defendant charged with 5 others of gang raping a 17 year old girl. Croydon Crown Court.

Serious Violence

R v G, 2020

Successfully defended a young man charged with attempted murder and GBH with intent. The prosecution alleged that each of the 13 defendants was part of a joint enterprise attempt to murder. After a 5-week trial the defendant was unanimously acquitted of both charges. Woolwich Crown Court.

R v RA, 2018

Successfully defended a young defendant charged with others with multiple counts of armed robbery. Southwark Crown Court.

R v EE, 2015

Successfully defended a young man charged with a serious assault contrary to s18 Offences against the Persons Act. Wood Green Crown Court

R v SN, 2015

Successfully defended a defendant in his absence in a multi defendant trial charged with possession of a firearm with intent to endanger life. He was acquitted following a successful submission of no case to answer. Croydon Crown Court.

R v TB, 2014

Successfully defended a young man charged in a multi handed violent disorder trial. Isleworth Crown Court

R v LA, 2014

Defended the defendant in a Conspiracy to rob trial. Winchester Crown Court

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R v D, 2020

Secured a 12-month Referral Order for a sixteen year old defendant who was sentenced for what was described as ‘high-end significant role’ in Operation Iona – an undercover police operation in which undercover police officers were purchasing drugs at street level. D was charged with supplying cocaine to the undercover police officer on two occasions, being concerned in the supply of cocaine and possessing cocaine and cannabis with intent to supply. The prosecution case against D was that he was at the high end of significant role, was the holder of ‘Jack’ line, he employed runners one of whom included his 38 year old uncle, the cocaine supplied was of high purity, during a search of his home found to have stock of cocaine and cannabis for supply, dealt drugs in the vicinity of a school and had management function along with financial or other advantage.

The operation involved the arrest of over 50 individuals – two-thirds have been sentenced to sentences of imprisonment of up to and including 4 years.

Human Trafficking

R v OO, 2017

Defended the husband in an allegation that he and his wife trafficked a young girl for exploitation. St Albans Crown Court.

Other activities and interests

  • Jonathan is focused on the education and training of young lawyers. He sits on the Inner Temple scholarship awards panel and is a mentor for Inner Temple. In 2007, he was a member of Inner Temple working party for the Bar Standards Board equality and diversity consultation paper. He is also setting up advocacy training in Nigeria
  • Jonathan is also a mentor for Urban Synergy, a mentoring charity for children aged 11–18
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020 7489 2727


LLB (Hons), South Bank University


Inner Temple, Criminal Bar Association, South Eastern Circuit, British Nigerian Law Forum, Nigerian Bar Association


Bar Standards Board qualifications committee (appointed 2012)

South Eastern Circuit representative on CBA committee, 2004–08

South Eastern Circuit committee, 2001–05

Junior, South Eastern Circuit, 2002

Registered pupil master

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