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Kabir has built a strong practice prosecuting and defending across a full range of criminal offences, with a growing specialism in fraud, white-collar, corporate, and other financial crime work. He is regularly instructed in cases (both alone and as a led junior) alleging serious and complex offending.

As well as being an experienced trial advocate, Kabir is instructed to advise individuals, corporates, and prosecutorial bodies in relation to investigations into offences such as fraud, money laundering, and bribery & corruption. He also undertakes work in relation to asset seizure and recovery, including restraint and confiscation proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Kabir is on the SFO Prosecution Advocates B Panel, the CPS General Crime Panel (Level 3), the CPS Specialist Fraud Panel (Level 3), the CPS Serious Crime Panel (Level 3), and the CPS POCA Panel (Level 2). He is qualified to accept instructions directly from clients through the Bar Council’s Public Access Scheme and is authorised to conduct litigation.


General Crime

Kabir prosecutes and defends in a diverse range of criminal matters, including those involving allegations of serious and organised offending, complicated legal and factual issues, and sensitive subject matter. Highlights include:

  • Defending in cases of murder, kidnapping, false imprisonment, and blackmail involving gangs and “county lines” offending.
  • Prosecuting terror suspects in cases involving consideration of PII and other sensitive material.
  • Prosecuting and defending in large-scale drugs importation cases involving large amounts of communications evidence.
  • Prosecuting protest cases involving novel law and detailed submissions on defendants’ rights under Articles 10 and 11 ECHR.
  • Prosecuting and defending in cases involving vulnerable witnesses and defendants, including trials for sexual offences.
  • Advising defendants on issues surrounding entrapment in drugs and child sex cases.
  • Defending in cases involving high-value money laundering and handling stolen goods.

Fraud, White-Collar, Corporate and Other Financial Crime

Kabir has particular experience in the prosecution and defence of complex and paper-heavy cases involving allegations of fraud, white-collar, and other financial offences committed by both corporates and individuals – most significantly bribery & corruption offences. His experience includes the provision of advice during the investigation and pre-charge stage. Highlights include:

  • Acting for the Serious Fraud Office in a large-scale, multi-jurisdictional investigation / prosecution of a major British company for bribery & corruption offences, culminating in a Deferred Prosecution Agreement.
  • Undertaking an internal investigation of a company accused of misconduct in relation to a high-value public contract.
  • Advising foreign lawyers with regard to the potential criminal liability of their client for cross-frontier offending arising from international business dealings.
  • Prosecuting in a multi-handed case involving conspiracies to commit fraud and associated conspiracies to launder the proceeds, committed by an Organised Crime Group.
  • Defending in multi-handed cases of complex fraud, cheating the revenue, fraudulent trading, and associated money laundering (prosecuted variously by the Crown Prosecution Service, Trading Standards, and HMRC).
  • Advising suspects at pre-charge stage in relation to investigations for fraud and other offences, including advice on Restraint Orders, Production Orders, and RIPA notices.
  • Prosecuting and defending high-value Confiscation Order proceedings (and variations) involving nuanced issues relating to the calculation of benefit and the realisation of assets.
  • Multiple years’ experience working with SFO case teams on large-scale investigations into complex, multi-jurisdictional fraud, and bribery & corruption offences.

Civil and Judicial Review

In addition to criminal work, Kabir has experience in discrete areas of civil law and judicial review, including applications for injunctions before the High Court and actions for breach of privacy / misuse of confidential information.


Prior to practice, Kabir worked in the judicial division of the International Criminal Court as intern to Lord Justice Fulford, during which he assisted in the preparation of the final judgment in the case of Prosecutor v. Lubanga (the first ever completed trial at the ICC). He maintains an interest in international criminal law. As a first six pupil, Kabir assisted the prosecution in the case of R v. Dobson and Norris (the murder of Stephen Lawrence) and as a third six pupil he was part of the defence team in R v. Adebolajo and Adebowale (the murder of Lee Rigby outside Woolwich Barracks).

Notable cases

Fraud, White-Collar, Corporate, and Financial Crime

Serious Fraud Office v. Amec Foster Wheeler Energy Limited (2018 – 2021)

Junior counsel (led by two QCs) instructed by the SFO in the investigation / prosecution of bribery & corruption offences relating to the use of corrupt agents in the oil and gas sector. The offences spanned from 1996 to 2014 and occurred across several jurisdictions (Brazil, India, Malaysia, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia). The case culminated in a Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA) with the financial penalty and costs amounting to £103m in the UK, which formed part of a $177m global settlement with the UK, US, and Brazilian authorities. (Southwark Crown Court)

R v. DC and Others (2021)

Led junior for the prosecution in a seven-handed case involving conspiracies to commit fraud on bookmakers (valued around £1.6m) and associated conspiracies to launder the proceeds, carried out by an Organised Criminal Group. (Wood Green Crown Court)

R v. AS (2019)

Junior alone for a defendant in a multi-handed trial (prosecuted by QC and junior) involving an industrial-scale conspiracy to commit fraud, fraudulent trading, and associated money laundering offences relating to the mis-selling of energy contracts and refunds. The case had 10,000+ pages of evidence and the defendant was acquitted on a submission of no case to answer after 11 weeks of evidence. (Nottingham Crown Court)

R v. JA (2018)

Led junior for the defence in one of a series of trials for conspiracy to commit fraud relating to a large-scale, complex, and organised “cash for crash” insurance scam. The conspiracy was alleged to have involved 19 defendants and been worth several million pounds over several years. The trial involved 18,000+ pages of evidence, multiple cutthroat defences, and the cross-examination of several professional prosecution witnesses (including solicitors and doctors) implicating them in the conspiracy. One of only two of the 19 defendants to be found not guilty. (St Albans Crown Court)

R v. MD (2016)

Led junior for the defence in a trial for cheating the revenue and associated money laundering offences relating to a multi-handed £5m+ Gift Aid fraud, prosecuted by HMRC. The case involved 24,000+ pages of evidence, much of which emanated from foreign jurisdictions in response to international letters of request. The case was complicated by the fact that the defence was advancing a cutthroat defence against her own father and brother, who were the co-defendants. The only defendant to be found not guilty of all charges at trial. (Southwark Crown Court)

Investigations & Advisory

Operation A. (ongoing)

Instructed by the SFO in an investigation into bribery & corruption offences committed by a prominent UK based commodity trading company (worth over $35bn) in relation to its oil trading operations in multiple jurisdictions.

Operation G. (ongoing)

Disclosure counsel for an SFO case team preparing an imminent high-profile trial for fraud offences.

Project D. (2021 - 2022)

Instructed (alone) to devise and undertake LPP and sensitive material reviews of computer material relating to a potential action by a currency exchange company against a former executive for breach of contract and misuse of confidential information.

Project H. (2021)

Instructed in an internal investigation of a major UK company for potential misconduct – alleged fraudulent activity worth £25m – relating to a significant public sector contract.

Re G. (2021)

Advised American lawyers with regard to the potential liability of their client – a USA based executive of a UK headquartered company – for criminal offences in England and Wales arising out of misrepresentations they had allegedly been ordered to make about project investments.

Operation V. (2019 - 2021)

Disclosure counsel on an SFO case team investigating potential fraud, money laundering, and other financial offences committed by the directors of a UK based investments company operating in the UK and Central America.

Operation P. (2016 – 2020)

Evidence review counsel for the SFO case team in the investigation / prosecution of the Unaoil and SBM bribery case, in which the defendants were alleged to have conspired to pay bribes in order to win lucrative contracts in the oil and gas industries in post-war Iraq.

Confiscation/Restraint/Asset Recovery

Operation B (ongoing)

Led junior for the prosecution in multi-handed confiscation proceedings following the conviction of the defendants for an offence of conspiracy to cheat the revenue valued at £34m+. The case has involved nuanced issues under POCA 2002, including the assertion of rights by third parties of the defendants’ property.

R v. DC and Others (ongoing)

Instructed alone to prosecute multi-handed confiscation proceedings arising out of convictions for conspiracies to commit fraud (valued around £1.6m).

R v. X (2019)

Advised / represented a suspect in Restraint Order proceedings as part of an HMRC investigation into fraudulent evasion of VAT, fraud, and money laundering offences, relating to claims for VAT repayments of approximately £3m. Restrained items included high-value race cars. (Westminster Magistrates Court / Southwark Crown Court)

R v. IS (2016 to 2019)

Represented the manager of a car sales business charged (alongside the company) with offences of fraud and breaches of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading regulations, in relation to the alleged “clocking” of imported cars. The alleged fraud was said to have been worth £127,000. Negotiated a plea agreement to a lesser offence of failure of professional due diligence and successfully argued against the imposition of a Confiscation Order after a protracted period of litigation. (Snaresbrook Crown Court)

R v. AG-R (2015 to 2018)

Represented a former treasurer of an historic London club at sentence and in subsequent protracted confiscation (and enforcement) proceedings after he had pleaded guilty to the theft of more than £500,000 from his employers. The case had several difficult features, including arguments over the valuation and realisation of a pension fund for the purposes of making a confiscation order. (Southwark Crown Court and Westminster Magistrates’ Court)

Serious and Organised Crime

R v. X (ongoing)

Defending in a case involving alleged conspiracies to import over 100kg of cocaine into the UK from Europe and the Caribbean. The case involves extensive Encrochat and other communications evidence. (Winchester Crown Court)

R v. SD (2020)

Led junior for the defence in a multi-handed trial for conspiracy to handle stolen goods and various money laundering offences relating to high value watches and other luxury items worth over £2m. (Southwark Crown Court)

Homicide/Serious Violence

R v. X (ongoing)

Junior (led by QC) representing a defendant charged with kidnap, false imprisonment, and blackmail offences relating to the alleged abduction, torture, and ransom of two individuals by a criminal gang operating between Wales and the Southeast of England. (Cardiff Crown Court)

R v. DD (2018)

Led junior for the defence in a trial for armed robbery. The defendant was charged with the armed robbery of the co-defendant, who was himself charged on the indictment with murder of the defendant’s friend, arising out of a “drug robbery gone wrong”. Significant issues arose with regard to severance, hearsay, and bad character evidence. (St Albans Crown Court)

R v. RCM (2018)

 Junior (led by QC) for a defendant in a multi-handed joint enterprise murder and wounding trial involving rival groups of drugs dealers running “county lines”, in which complicated issues of bad character arose surrounding gang culture and “drill” music. (Reading Crown Court)

R v. JZ (2017)

Junior (led by QC) representing the first defendant in a multi-handed joint enterprise murder involving cutthroat defences by all defendants. The case included the cross-examination of vulnerable witnesses / co-defendants who had allegedly been subject of “cuckooing” by drug dealers. (St Albans Crown Court)

R v. MA (2014 – as third six)

Assisted QC and junior counsel representing the second defendant in the trial for the murder of soldier Lee Rigby outside Woolwich Barracks. (Central Criminal Court)

R v. BW (2012 – during second six)

Prosecution junior in a trial for murder. The defendant was eventually convicted of manslaughter after punching the victim to the floor outside a kebab shop, causing major brain injuries. (Inner London Crown Court)

Special Casework/Protest Cases

Operation B. (2015 – 2016)

Instructed by the CPS Special Case Unit to prosecute a series of single and multi-handed trials for offences arising out of the “Occupy Parliament” protests in London. Several of the cases involved detailed legal arguments regarding a defendant’s rights to protest, freedom of speech, and freedom of assembly under the ECHR. One of the trials involved the first litigated criminal case under the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011. (Westminster Magistrates’ Court and Woolwich Crown Court)

R v. X (2015)

Instructed by the CPS Special Case Unit to prosecute the defendant – a known terror suspect – for offences relating to a road traffic collision. The case involved working closely with officers from the Metropolitan Police’s Counter-Terror Unit and overseeing a sensitive disclosure exercise including surveillance material. During the course of the trial, the defendant was further arrested for terror-related offences, of which he was later convicted at the Central Criminal Court. (Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court)

R v. X (2014)

Instructed by the CPS Special Case Unit to prosecute a terror suspect for offences relating to an anti-Islam protest by a right-wing group and subsequent retaliation by people associated with a high-profile extremist Islamist preacher. (Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court and Blackfriars Crown Court)

Sexual Offences

R v. X (2022)

Represented a defendant charged with possession of prohibited images of children in the form of cartoons and other computer-generated images. (Inner London Crown Court)

R v. X (2019)

Represented a defendant (a convicted rapist subject to section 38 / 41 hospital orders) at a trial for breaches of a highly restrictive Sexual Harm Prevention Order. The defendant suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and a psychopathic antisocial personality disorder. The complainant was herself vulnerable due to mental health problems. Both required intermediaries. (Woolwich Crown Court)

R v. X (2017)

Represented a defendant at plea and sentence for arranging the rape of a child under 13 years old with an undercover police officer. Also involved the provision of written pre-plea advice with regard to the issue of entrapment. (Kingston Crown Court)

R v. X (2015)

Instructed to defend a youth at trial in the Crown Court charged with inciting an 11 year old girl to engage in sexual activity / pornography. The defendant, by the age of 16, already had previous convictions for rape and sexual assault of other children aged under 13. A plea deal was agreed, and the defendant was eventually sentenced to a Youth Rehabilitation Order. (Oxford Crown Court)

• R v. X (2012 – during second six)

Prosecution junior in a severed trial (part of Operation C.) for child sex offences arising out of the Telford child sexual exploitation scandal. (Wolverhampton Crown Court)


EJF v. MC (2013)

Application to the High Court for an injunction on behalf of a claimant bringing an action for breach of privacy, misuse of confidential information, and civil harassment by way of publications over the internet from a foreign jurisdiction. (High Court)

Other Activities and Interests

Kabir is a keen, albeit not particularly accomplished, guitar player and singer. He is a general music fan – his musical tastes range from opera to punk – and he is a massive fan of The Smiths.


  • Co-author of “How Fraudsters Have Abused the UK’s Pandemic Relief Efforts” – Law 360 (May 2021).
  • Co-author of “Corporate Criminal Liability: Is it Time for an Overhaul” – Law.com (April 2021).
  • Contributor to Cyber Crime, Law and Practice; Wildy, Simmonds & Hill, 2014 (ISBN 9780854901364).
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Direct access

Yes - Authorised to conduct litigation


020 7489 2727


BVC (Bar Vocational Course) – BPP Holborn (2010)

GDL (Graduate Diploma in Law) – City University (2009)

MA Philosophy – Birkbeck College, London (2008)

BA (Hons.) Philosophy – King’s College, London (2007)


The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn (Chair of the Gray’s Inn Barristers’ Committee)

South Eastern Circuit

The Fraud Lawyers Association


SFO Prosecution counsel – B panel

CPS General Crime counsel – Level 3

CPS Specialist Fraud counsel – Level 3

CPS Serious Crime counsel – Level 3

CPS Proceeds of Crime counsel – Level 2

Registered pupil supervisor


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