Lawrence Selby


An experienced barrister who specialises in defending high profile and complex cases and especially those of homicide, fraud and significant drugs' offences.

Background and ExpertisE

He has expanded his practice into the specific areas of ADR, Regulatory and Sports Law. He is registered to undertake Public Access work.

Notable Cases

General Crime

R v G: Led Junior in case of murder in what was described as a revenge attack over the abduction and planned murder of the Defendant in a row over drugs. (See BBC News)

R v T: Junior alone in case of murder of one woman and the kidnap and rape of another shortly after his early release from prison. (See The Sun and BBC News)

R v M: The Luton University bomb hoax case. (See BBC News)

R v S: "Old-style" committal in the £4 million Heathrow mobile phone theft. (See BBC News)

R v Herbie Hide: Advised the former 2 time WBO World Heavyweight Champion in relation to motoring offences.

R v C: Led Junior in case of manslaughter. (See BBC News)

R v S: Leading Junior in case of Attempted Murder resulting from the daylight shooting in Letchworth. (See Sky News and The Daily Mail)

R v K: Death by Dangerous Driving case resulting from a fatal accident on the M1. (See The Times and The Sun)

R v F: Violent Disorder case resulting from events at an illegal rave. (See The Independent and The Daily Mail)

R v B: Led Junior in the “Jigsaw Man” case. (See The Guardian and BBC News)

R v E: Junior alone in case of Murder. (See BBC News)

R v I: Led Junior in case of Murder. (See London Evening Standard and The Daily Mail)

R v M: 'Operation Curlew/Oak', Leading Junior in 32 handed Conspiracy to Supply Heroin.

R v P: ‘Operation Razorback’, 22 handed "Sham Marriage" conspiracy. (see Sky News and The Daily Mail)

R v H: 'Operation Veerde', Leading Junior in a multi-handed “Sham Marriage” and “Sex Trafficking” conspiracy. (See The Daily Mail)

R v S: Led Junior in case of Conspiracy to Import/Supply 230 kilos of Heroin. (See The Telegraph and The Mirror)

R v B (M): ‘Operation Monary’, £13 million, 9-handed Conspiracy to Supply Class ‘A’ drugs. (See The Daily Mail and ITV)

Financial Crime

R v R: ‘Operation Octopus’, Leading Junior in a VOSA investigation into the widespread, fraudulent use of HGV Operator Licenses.

R v P: ‘Operation Stormgrand’, Privately instructed in the ‘King of Viagra’ case; described as the "biggest worldwide conspiracy involving medicines ever brought to trial." (See The Financial Times and The Guardian)

R v M: ‘Operation Augusta’, described as the largest counterfeiting operation ever uncovered on Ebay. (See The Guardian and The Telegraph)

R v E: SFO prosecution of Corruption, Fraud and Money Laundering within Shropshire Learning Skills Council. (See BBC News and The Telegraph

R v K: Leading Junior in allegation of Conspiracy to Steal revolving around the fraudulent hiring, re-identification and exporting of plant machinery.

R v L: ‘Operation Posh’, Leading Junior in an allegation of “en primeur” wine. (See and BBC News)

R v S: ‘Operation Arcadia’, Leading Junior in the prosecution of the “UK’s biggest counterfeit DVD gang” – succeeded in substantially mitigating the sentence passed, after a careful analysis of mobile phone data. (See The Mirror and London Evening Standard)

R v C: ‘Operation Pacarana’, Leading Junior in a complex fraud revolving around the supply and financing of photocopiers and associated equipment.

R v S: 'Operation Tobin', Leading Junior in a 12 week, 7 handed Conspiracy to Defraud the United Kingdom Border Agency. (See ITV News)

R v S: Privately instructed, via Public Access, to represent a Production Executive for Theft of £650,000 from Universal Music Group. (See The Daily Mail)

R v C: ‘Operation Dino II’, 96 handed “cash for crash” fraud and associated offences. (See BBC News)

R v H: ‘Operation Binchy’, Leading Junior in 4 handed “inside” bank fraud. (See The Mirror)

R v Y: ‘Operation Yawkey’ – described as “Britain’s most notorious food criminal.” (See The Daily Star)

R v A: ‘Operation Autovia’, 11 handed, multi-million pound Conspiracies to Cheat the Public Revenue.

R v N: ‘Operation Tarlac’, 15 handed, multi-million pound Conspiracy to Launder. (See BBC News)

R v B: Leading Junior in the case of the “Fake Lawyer.” (See The Guardian and The Law Society Gazette

R v R: ‘Operation Rosewood’, 8 handed, £2 million Conspiracies to Commit Fraud. (See The Mirror and The Daily Mail)


He has advised and appeared in ADR and successfully completed an internship at the Singapore International Arbitration Centre.


Has advised and represented:

Doctors and Pharmacists, in relation to disciplinary matters;
Private Hire drivers and operators, in relation to licensing matters;
Restaurateurs, in relation to Food Hygiene matters;
Football Agents, in relation to FA Arbitration proceedings.


An ever-present member of the Millfield School XI that won the English Schools Football Association Championship in 1987-88.

The pitfalls of a career in professional football were eschewed for University, where the transition to Rugby was made. This culminated in a season in Italy with appearances for Rugby Livorno, alongside the likes of David Knox and Michael Cheika, and CUS Firenze.

On his return to the UK, started training in Karate under the auspices of Yamazaki Sensei and the Japan Karate-Do Ryobu-Kai. Is now a Black Belt, Instructor and Vice Chair of the JKR International Mediation and Arbitration Committee.

Is ideally placed to be able to advise and represent, either individuals or bodies, in relation to regulatory or disciplinary matters, that may concern them.

Chair of investigation panel into allegations concerning British Canoeing (See: The Guardian and UK Sport)


French, Italian, Spanish

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020 7489 2727


MSc in Sports Management and the Business of Football

PgCert in Sport Governance


South Eastern Circuit

Criminal Bar Association

Member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators

Member of the British Association for Sport and Law


England Boxing: Board Member and Chair of “Compliance, Legal and HR” Subcommittee

United Kingdom Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association: Independent Director and Complaints’ Officer

Appointed, by The FA, to the County Association Anti Discrimination Chairman’s Panel

Registered FA Intermediary

Registered Agent under the RFU Agents Regulations

Appointed to Sport Resolutions' Development Panel

Appointed to Sport Resolutions' Pro Bono Panel

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