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Since taking Silk in March 2020 Michael has been instructed to both prosecute and defend in a number of high-profile murder cases, including R v Skana a case that concerned the killing of a 7-year old girl in a park in Bolton. This case, as with a number of other cases in which Michael has been instructed, involved complex considerations of the defendant’s mental illness.

Other cases such as R v Rowen, a case where the defendant decapitated his cousin with an axe, have caused Michael’s reputation in Silk to become quickly established.

Michael accepts private work and has successfully represented a number of defendants on this basis. Equally comfortable defending or prosecuting, Michael has an approachable and down to earth manner enabling him to communicate with clients and juries alike such that the real issues are identified with concision and clarity.

Away from the court room Michael has been asked to, and is in the process of establishing the Northern Circuit Chapter of the Kalisher Trust. This well-renowned Trust aims to help bright youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds achieve their potential through advocacy and to help those with the requisite ability and ambition to develop careers as barristers at the criminal bar.

Michael also practises from 18 St. John Street Chambers, Manchester and looks forward to expanding his practice nationwide.


R v C & ors (Ongoing)

Instructed to defend one of 13 young men alleged to have murdered a 16-year old boy arising from an alleged gang feud.

R v O'B & ors (Ongoing)

Instructed to prosecute 3 defendants alleged to have stabbed the deceased repeatedly before leaving the body in a canal.

R v H, (Ongoing)

Instructed by the Crown to prosecute the defendant alleged to have struck the deceased leaving him incapacitated in the road who was then killed when subsequently run over by a taxi.

R v P & ors (Ongoing)

Instructed to defend one of 5 defendants alleged to have murdered the victim of a robbery.

R v B & O, 2021

Instructed to prosecute this case in which 2 drug dealers caused the deceased’s death while engaged in a confrontation in the deceased’s home. Manchester Crown Court.

R v R, 2020

Instructed to defend a seriously mentally ill young man who decapitated his cousin. Manchester Crown Court.

R v S, 2020

Instructed to prosecute this tragic and high-profile case that involved the defendant cutting the throat of a 7-year old child in the presence of her mother and father. The trial revolved around issues of the defendant’s mental illness. Manchester Crown Court.

R v H, 2020

Murder.Instructed by the Crown at short notice to prosecute a case that arose from long-standing animosity between defendant and deceased. Liverpool Crown Court.

R v B & D, 2020

Murder. Instructed by the Crown to prosecute in a neighbour dispute that arose during the Covid 19 “lockdown". Carlisle Crown Court.

R v W & S, 2020

Murder. Instructed as leading junior for the Crown in a case made difficult by the absence of witnesses and the vulnerability of the defendant W who suffered from a range of mental health and learning difficulties. Manchester Crown Court.

It was during this case that that Michael took Silk.

R v O'D

Conspiracy to murder. Instructed to prosecute as leading junior. All 6 defendants were represented by QC and junior. A very significant undertaking that involved appearing at the CACD during the trial to appeal a terminating ruling. The CA described Michael’s performance as “powerful”. Positive comment was also made about Michael’s written submissions which “eased the path of the court.”

R v W, 2018

Case involving an uninsured driver who caused the death of one spectator of an unauthorised “Car Meet” event and the serious injury of 4 others. The defendant lost control whilst attempting to ‘drift’ a vehicle he was unfamiliar with, mounted the pavement, striking the spectators and fled the scene. Manchester Crown Court

R v H & ors, 2018

Counsel for the defence in a terrorist trial in which it was alleged the Defendant was a leading member of a proscribed organisation which was behind a plot to kill a serving MP & police officer. Central Criminal Court.

R v I, 2018

Instructed to defend a youth charged with murder.

R v Y, 2018

Instructed to defend one of a large number of defendants charged with cash in transit robberies.

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020 7 489 2727


School - Prior Park College Bath

University - Manchester LL.B (Hons)

School of Law - Inns of Court

Called to the Bar - 1992 (Gray’s Inn)


Criminal Bar Association

Northern Circuit

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